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Equality and The Court

July 5, 2013  •  Family Security Matters

The word "equality" is woven into the fabric of the nation. Despite the clause in the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln's continual efforts to preserve it, most people assume we are born with different endowments, have different temperaments, behave in different ways and, most assuredly, are unequal. In fact, the more we as a nation emphasize individuality, the more likely inequality will result.

Nonetheless, we are all endowed by our creator with inalienable rights and we are equal in the eyes of the law. But lately equality has been submerged in an aquatic swamp overwhelmed by politics and ideology.

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The Supreme Court and Voter Registration Law

June 28, 2013  •  Family Security Matters

Recently the Supreme Court delivered a rebuke to Governor Jan Brewer and the citizens of Arizona arguing in a 7 to 2 majority that the state violated federal law when it added a proof of citizenship requirement to a federal voter registration form almost a decade ago.

According to the majority decision the high court ruled that in areas where Washington holds constitutional authority - as is the case with immigration and the rules for federal elections - states may not override Congressional judgment.

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The Lack of Seriousness

June 20, 2013  •  Family Security Matters

Have we reached a stage in our national development where seriousness on almost any subject is impossible? Examples abound.

Edward Snowden, who leaked National Security Agency surveillance projects to the British Guardian, said, "I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building." And he noted, "the public should decide, not the government."

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Inventing Rights and the Enforcement Mechanism That Goes Along With Them

June 12, 2013  •  Family Security Matters

Washington is the home for rights promoters. Fads of the moment translate into rights with legal justification and a regulatory apparatus attached to them. This is the manner in which government expands without limit. Illustrations abound.

When healthcare became a right as noted in Obamacare, insurance became a requirement. If ignored, a fine will be imposed. As a consequence, a bureaucracy must be created to deal with adherence to the law. Since millions of Americans, indeed most Americans who haven't been granted an exception, are involved, the size and scope of the bureaucratic system will be as large as any in the nation's capital.

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Denial and the Obama Presidency

June 6, 2013  •  Family Security Matters

In 1967 Joey Bishop, the celebrated comedian and honorary member of Sinatra's Rat Pack, starred in a film entitled "A Guide for the Married Man." Although this is hardly a distinguished movie, one scene was worth the price of admission.

The Bishop character is caught by his wife in flagrante with a young woman in a motel room. Rather than apologize or seized by embarrassment, try to explain the situation, Bishop proceeds to get dressed and has his paramour do the same. He straightens out the bed sheets and has the young lady leave the room. Bishop looks at his wife wistfully, and asks "what's the problem?" No one is here, but you and me. Nothing happened."

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