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Title Publication Date
Equality and The Court Family Security Matters July 5, 2013
The Supreme Court and Voter Registration Law Family Security Matters June 28, 2013
The Lack of Seriousness Family Security Matters June 20, 2013
Inventing Rights and the Enforcement Mechanism That Goes Along With Them Family Security Matters June 12, 2013
Denial and the Obama Presidency Family Security Matters June 6, 2013
The University Resistance Movement Family Security Matters May 29, 2013
Hypocrisy As Policy Family Security Matters May 22, 2013
The School of Emergent Global Peace Family Security Matters May 16, 2013
The Lady T, I Knew Family Security Matters May 8, 2013
Egypt, Syria & Israel Family Security Matters April 30, 2013
Terrorism We Encourage? Family Security Matters April 24, 2013
Basic Competencies and The MOOC Surge Family Security Matters April 10, 2013
The Syrian Cesspool and U.S. Inaction Family Security Matters April 5, 2013
Taxing Bank Depositors in Cyprus Family Security Matters March 28, 2013
Civilizational Discontents Family Security Matters March 13, 2013
When Virtue Destroys Virtue Family Security Matters February 28, 2013
The President's Hard Authoritarianism Family Security Matters February 19, 2013
The World As We Knew It Family Security Matters February 13, 2013
The Ed Koch I Knew Family Security Matters February 5, 2013
The Contemporary Lies Family Security Matters January 30, 2013
The National Association of Scholars Report on American History Family Security Matters January 25, 2013
Selecting Hall of Famers Family Security Matters January 15, 2013
Fascism In America Family Security Matters January 9, 2013
Hollowing Out the U.S. Navy Family Security Matters January 2, 2013
Why Iran Won the Last Middle East Conflict Family Security Matters December 19, 2012
Further Proof the Nobel Peace Prize Is a Perverse Joke Family Security Matters December 12, 2012
Sandy, Katrina and the Phonies Family Security Matters December 5, 2012
The Israeli War with Gaza Family Security Matters November 27, 2012
Where is My America? Family Security Matters November 18, 2012
Politics as Culture Family Security Matters November 13, 2012
Cover-up 2012 Family Security Matters November 6, 2012
Sandy Slams New York Family Security Matters November 5, 2012
Obama's Ship of State without a Helmsman Family Security Matters October 23, 2012
Mismatch: A Book with Sensible Proposals on Affirmative Action Family Security Matters October 16, 2012
Gov. Romney's Comment & History's Strange Bedfellows Family Security Matters October 9, 2012
Tokyo's Military Options Family Security Matters October 5, 2012
Coming Apart Over Sequestration Family Security Matters September 25, 2012
The Emerging Islamic Challenge Family Security Matters September 19, 2012
Obama Rope-a-Dope for a Jewish Audience Family Security Matters September 5, 2012
Why A Campaign Should Consider More Than Economic Issues Family Security Matters August 29, 2012
What John Dewey Taught President Obama Family Security Matters August 21, 2012
Social Security Is Anything But Secure NewsMax August 15, 2012
Why Is the World Different? Family Security Matters July 31, 2012
When Universalism Threatens National Loyalty Family Security Matters July 25, 2012
Dealing with Voter Fraud Family Security Matters July 17, 2012
Global Events Call for Bold Action NewsMax July 10, 2012
The Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Family Security Matters July 3, 2012
Freedom and Constraints Family Security Matters June 26, 2012
Global Turmoil Awaits Election Winner NewsMax June 19, 2012
Betrayal From Within Family Security Matters June 12, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Charm Campaign NewsMax June 6, 2012
The Sleepers We Choose To Ignore Family Security Matters May 31, 2012
European Future on the Ropes Family Security Matters May 22, 2012
ObamaCare's Muslim Exemption PJ Media May 11, 2012
Israel's Reaction to Anti-Semitism on Campus Family Security Matters May 8, 2012
The World Trade Center Site Fiasco Family Security Matters May 1, 2012
Ping-pong with Hilton The New Criterion May 2012
Religious Polarization Trumps Unity NewsMax April 24, 2012
Spike Lee at Madison Square Garden PJ Media April 18, 2012
China Is Buying Loyalty NewsMax April 17, 2012
When Choice Justifies Murder Family Security Matters April 10, 2012
Scholars Who Are Beyond Open-Mindedness Minding the Campus April 8, 2012
The New Defense Posture for America Family Security Matters April 5, 2012
Progressives See Constitution as Impediment NewsMax April 4, 2012
The Islamic Circle of North America and the Shariah Campaign Family Security Matters March 27, 2012
Sovereignty and Suzerainty in the Israeli, U.S. Relationship Family Security Matters March 14, 2012
What Does a High Graduation Rate Prove? Minding the Campus March 13, 2012
CAIR and the American Future Family Security Matters March 7, 2012
The Jeremy Lin Story Family Security Matters February 28, 2012
American Majority Dependent on Government Family Security Matters February 22, 2012
Iran's Hitler Talk Stonegate Institute February 15, 2012
Armageddon 2012 Family Security Matters February 14, 2012
The University Bubble Stonegate Institute February 8, 2012
Do Football Players Study For Finals? Family Security Matters January 31, 2012
Giving Nuclear Secrets Away Preemptively Family Security Matters January 24, 2012
Newspaper Reports, Distorts Family Security Matters January 18, 2012
The Failure of the Century's Grand Experiments Family Security Matters January 11, 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood Unmasked Family Security Matters December 21, 2011
The Vanishing Western Tradition Hudson New York December 16, 2011
The Evolution of Moroccan Democracy Family Security Matters November 29, 2011
The End of the European Union? Family Security Matters November 23, 2011
Israel and the Existential Threat Hudson New York November 23, 2011
Anarchy as an Ideal? Hudson New York November 8, 2011
Israel and Just-War Theory Hudson New York November 2, 2011
The U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq Hudson New York October 26, 2011
Woodstock in New York Hudson New York October 20, 2011
The Neglect of "High Flyers" Hudson New York October 13, 2011
Israel and The U.S., 2011 Hudson New York October 4, 2011
Taxing Those Who Leave The U.S. Hudson New York September 29, 2011
Idle in Manhattan City Journal September 27, 2011
Will The U.S. Save Israel or Will Israel Save The U.S.? Hudson New York September 21, 2011
Distrusting The Common Man Hudson New York September 16, 2011
Thinking About 9/11 Family Security Matters September 7, 2011
The Walls That Divide Europe Hudson New York September 1, 2011
The Coming... What? Hudson New York August 23, 2011
The World of Political Discourse Aims at the Imagination Hudson New York August 16, 2011
U.S. Betrays Syria's Opposition Hudson New York August 15, 2011
A Palestinian State: What the Evidence Suggests Hudson New York August 10, 2011
Understanding The Default Debate Hudson New York August 2, 2011
Dubrovnic on the Adriatic Hudson New York July 27, 2011
The Prayer Strategy Hudson New York July 12, 2011
Environmental Activism Hudson New York July 7, 2011
Fraud Up and Down the Education System Hudson New York June 28, 2011
Fin De Siecle Hudson New York June 21, 2011
The World of Political Discourse Enjoins the Imagination Hudson New York June 15, 2011
The Nation's Economic Future Hudson New York June 10, 2011
Saudi Arabia: The Exception? Hudson New York June 1, 2011
Obama: Churchill or Chamberlain or Both? Hudson New York May 24, 2011
The Meaning of Limited Government Hudson New York May 10, 2011
Jewish Studies Professors "Stand With" Muslim Violence and Against Free Speech Hudson New York May 3, 2011
Marxism Redux: When Government Interference Hobbles Capitalist Success Hudson New York April 27, 2011
Libya and The Abdication of American Sovereignty Hudson New York April 20, 2011
Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton Family Security Matters April 12, 2011
Divinity School At Yale Supports Gender Apartheid Hudson New York April 6, 2011
Decline and Revival of Western Civilization Hudson New York March 30, 2011
Are There Limits to Dictatorial Power? Hudson New York March 23, 2011
A Test of U.S. Mettle Hudson New York March 15, 2011
Sacred Values vs. Scientific Dispassion Hudson New York March 8, 2011
To Culturally Transform America Hudson New York March 2, 2011
Multiculturalism In Retreat Hudson New York February 24, 2011
What Are Undergraduates Learning? Hudson New York February 15, 2011
Egypt and The Obama Administration Hudson New York February 11, 2011
Abbas Reveals His True Agenda Hudson New York February 2, 2011
Fraudulent Scoring in NYC Schools Hudson New York January 26, 2011
Copts Under Siege Family Security Matters January 18, 2011
Viewing U.S. Foreign Policy in 2011 Family Security Matters January 11, 2011
"Everyone Knows..." Hudson New York January 4, 2011
The Mullen War Strategy Hudson New York December 30, 2010
New York Gridlock Hudson New York December 21, 2010
German Schools Embrace Islam Hudson New York December 13, 2010
Why Would a Woman Convert to Islam? Family Security Matters December 3, 2010
The Korean Extortion Ploy Yet Again Hudson New York November 30, 2010
US Complicit in Human Rights Abuses Hudson New York November 29, 2010
President Obama and America's Core Values Hudson New York November 23, 2010
The Republicans: Will They Be Able to Walk Through the Wide-Open Door? Hudson New York November 15, 2010
The Rise and Fall of a President? Family Security Matters November 10, 2010
When Satirists Dominate the Culture TownHall.com November 3, 2010
Resistentialism Family Security Matters October 26, 2010
President Obama's Abuse of Power Hudson New York October 25, 2010
A Tea Party Beyond Boston Family Security Matters October 5, 2010
The End of Civility Family Security Matters September 29, 2010
A Vision of Economic Opportunity Family Security Matters September 22, 2010
Facing The Reality of A Religion of Peace Family Security Matters September 14, 2010
Bush v. Obama Administrations' Foreign Policy Doctrines Family Security Matters September 8, 2010
Assemblywoman Jacobs and The Death of New York TownHall.com August 31, 2010
The Cliché As Policy Family Security Matters August 24, 2010
What We Think And The Arabs Believe Family Security Matters August 18, 2010
Thought Control at Augusta State University Family Security Matters August 11, 2010
The Arts In The Obama Age Hudson New York August 9, 2010
The Mosque On Sacred Ground Hudson New York August 2, 2010
The Common Man and Common Sense Hudson New York July 26, 2010
Oliver Stone and Hugo Chávez: A Convergence of Conmen? Family Security Matters July 14, 2010
Turkey: Are We Giving Away the Store? Hudson New York July 12, 2010
New York: Death of A State? Family Security Matters July 1, 2010
The Coming Crisis In The Middle East Family Security Matters June 23, 2010
Swedish Illusions Family Security Matters June 17, 2010
Doctors Who Compromise With Islam Hudson New York June 14, 2010
The Road To Armageddon Family Security Matters June 2, 2010
Austria Submits to Sharia Hudson New York May 31, 2010
The EU and Its Likely Breakup Family Security Matters May 19, 2010
ACT Reviews Education in America Family Security Matters May 11, 2010
Darwinism and the American Future Family Security Matters April 29, 2010
Brzezinski, Obama and Foreign Policy Reconceptualization Family Security Matters April 21, 2010
START Up May Be a Start Down Family Security Matters April 14, 2010
Western Civilization on the Precipice Family Security Matters March 30, 2010
American Tyranny? Family Security Matters March 23, 2010
Examining Declinism Family Security Matters March 10, 2010
Free Speech: A Casualty of Intimidation? Family Security Matters March 2, 2010
Remembering Liberty Family Security Matters February 24, 2010
The Spiritual Dimensions of Nationhood Family Security Matters February 7, 2010
In Today's Government, Words Can Mean Whatever They Choose Them to Mean Family Security Matters February 2, 2010
Presidential Denial TownHall.com January 26, 2010
Terrorism's Victory Family Security Matters January 19, 2010
Egyptian Chutzpah Family Security Matters January 6, 2010
Tightening the Noose on Foreign Policy Family Security Matters December 29, 2009
The Triumph of Hope over Reality Family Security Matters December 22, 2009
'Race to the Top' Merely Another Education Gimmick Family Security Matters December 16, 2009
Fighting Jihadism At Home Family Security Matters December 8, 2009
Scientific One-Sidedness on Global Warming Family Security Matters December 2, 2009
Political Correctness Is Deadly Family Security Matters November 27, 2009
Organized Protests over Health Care Family Security Matters November 17, 2009
Beyond Appeasement Family Security Matters November 11, 2009
What Is 'Social Justice' Anyway? Pajamas Media October 22, 2009
No Taxation with Representation Family Security Matters October 20, 2009
Barack Obama: A Man Apart Pajamas Media October 18, 2009
The Race Ploy Family Security Matters October 14, 2009
Losing Liberty Family Security Matters October 7, 2009
The New and Old Socialism Family Security Matters October 1, 2009
The Need for Missile Defense Family Security Matters September 23, 2009
Historical Cycles and Public Amusement Family Security Matters September 17, 2009
Media, Celebrity and False Prophets Family Security Matters September 10, 2009
Taking Stock of Woodstock Family Security Matters September 1, 2009
An Open Letter to Judge Daniel Dawson Regarding the Rifqa Bary Case Family Security Matters August 31, 2009
The EU and the Irish Vote Family Security Matters August 25, 2009
Fatah's True Objectives Family Security Matters August 18, 2009
Healthcare Reform and Personal Freedom Family Security Matters August 12, 2009
Cronkite Revisited Family Security Matters August 5, 2009
The Crisis Syndrome Family Security Matters July 29, 2009
Preemptive Declinism and the 'Unexceptional' America Family Security Matters July 24, 2009
Democratization and its Application Family Security Matters July 14, 2009
The Engagement Riff Family Security Matters July 7, 2009
The Celebrity Circa 2009 Family Security Matters July 2, 2009
The Iranian Election In Historic Terms Human Events June 24, 2009
Do I Live In America? Family Security Matters June 17, 2009
The Meaning of Bloody Omaha The Wall Street Journal June 5, 2009
Is Our Democracy Imperiled? Family Security Matters June 5, 2009
Criticism and Conciliation National Review Online June 4, 2009
The Bradley Prizes The Washington Times June 1, 2009
The Ugly American Makes Way for the 'Apologetic' American Family Security Matters May 27, 2009
Obama on D-Day Family Security Matters May 19, 2009
Obama's French Revolution Family Security Matters May 12, 2009
The Unfolding Iranian Drama TownHall.com May 11, 2009
Obama's First 100 Days Human Events April 29, 2009
Could Iowa Signal the Tipping Point Against Rapid 'Change'? Family Security Matters April 28, 2009
Journalistic Cupidity April 24, 2009
When Human Rights and Free Speech Collide, Guess Which One Loses? Family Security Matters April 15, 2009
Lady Liberty Doesn't Recognize Her Own Country Human Events April 6, 2009
What's Good For the Goose Isn't Good For the Gander Family Security Matters April 1, 2009
Hazards rooted in Sept. 11 The Washington Times March 29, 2009
Post Racial America? Family Security Matters March 26, 2009
The Obama Doctrine Family Security Matters March 19, 2009
A New Deal On Iran Family Security Matters March 11, 2009
Obama's Ideological Father Human Events March 9, 2009
Factoring in the future The Washington Times March 5, 2009
Transformative Change Family Security Matters February 24, 2009
Bush Lied, People Died - But Did President Bush Really Lie? Family Security Matters February 19, 2009
The French Workers Strike February 12, 2009
Creative Destruction In The Academy Minding the Campus January 28, 2009
Terrorists Returning to the Battlefield Urban Elephants January 28, 2009
Is America exceptional or just ho-hum? The Washington Times January 27, 2009
A Strategy for Winning the War of Ideas Hudson Institute January 8, 2009
The Evolving Drama in the Middle East Family Security Matters January 7, 2009
'The Jewel of Medina': The Censorship Justification Urban Elephant December 31, 2008
Israel's Nuclear Umbrella Urban Elephant December 24, 2008
I Lost My Country TownHall.com December 18, 2008
Racism Revisited Urban Elephant December 17, 2008
Compression at the Mean American Spectator December 3, 2008
Taking From Peter to Pay Paul: International Redistribution Urban Elephant December 3, 2008
The Autopsy of 2008 November 26, 2008
The Obama Enigma Urban Elephants November 18, 2008
Exceptionalism Vs. Universalism Urban Elephant October 29, 2008
The American Socialist Republic? Urban Elephants October 28, 2008
Diplomacy and Deterrence Will Not Stop Iran TownHall.com September 25, 2008
The Chinese Olympic Mask The New York Sun August 25, 2008
How to Account for the United Nations? City Journal August 14, 2008
More With Less The New York Sun July 30, 2008
"The Cold War at Home" TCS Daily June 30, 2008
Spreading Islam In The Academy Minding the Campus June 11, 2008
Brainstorming About Higher Education National Association of Scholars June 11, 2008
A View of the College Curriculum First Principles June 4, 2008
An Obama Presidency? The Hill June 2, 2008
The Why and Wherefore of the Obama Candidacy The Hill May 27, 2008
The Problem with UNCLOS The Hill May 19, 2008
Selling Ourselves to China The Hill May 12, 2008
The Subprime Mess The Hill May 5, 2008
Carter's Misguided Peace Gambit Insight April 30, 2008
Victory in Iraq The Hill April 21, 2008
Think Tank Applicants Minding the Campus April 16, 2008
Letter to Congress: So You Want to Withdraw From Iraq The Hill April 15, 2008
An American alliance with the Kurds? Insight April 8, 2008
Chavez and His Friends Are an Unholy Alliance Insight April 1, 2008
Mind Control: Now Occurring at a University Near You Salvo Spring 2008
The Federal Loan Program on Oxygen Support The Hill March 26, 2008
Harmonizing England and Europe TownHall.com March 25, 2008
Pariah States Triumph Against the Odds Insight March 24, 2008
Crossroads In Taiwan The New York Sun March 17, 2008
Taiwan's Straits of Reality The Washington Times March 9, 2008
Islamic Divide Insight February 25, 2008
The Israeli Dilemma The Hill February 18, 2008
What's to Negotiate? American Spectator February 6, 2008
Propoganda at Northwestern The Hill February 3, 2008
South Africa's Embrace of Totalitarians Insight January 28, 2008
Britain's Voluntary Apartheid The Washington Times January 23, 2008
Funds Threaten U.S. Security USA Today January 22, 2008
The "Overrepresentation Myth" On Campus TownHall.com January 17, 2008
Rangel the Reaganite? Insight January 15, 2008
The Musharraf Dilemma The Hill January 5, 2008
Bloomberg's Congestion Trap Insight December 18, 2007
State Ignores North Korea's Nuclear Proliferation Insight December 10, 2007
The Israeli Attack in Syria and The State Department Response The Asian Tribune November 30, 2007
The Bad News Is The Good News Is Ignored TownHall.com November 29, 2007
What a University Education Really Means Insight November 26, 2007
America's Entertainment Obsession Insight November 19, 2007
Competing for the Future Insight November 5, 2007
The madness aired on C-SPAN Insight October 29, 2007
The Threats to European Sovereignty Insight October 23, 2007
Kill the Law of the Sea Treaty Insight October 15, 2007
Experts Challenge Gore on Global Warming Insight October 8, 2007
Japan's Future Leadership Struggle Insight October 1, 2007
Foreign Investments Can Endanger National Security Insight September 24, 2007
Historical Revisionism Insight September 17, 2007
Foreign Investment Angst The Washington Times September 9, 2007
In Japan, Leadership at a Crossroads The Washington Post September 5, 2007
New Threats from China Insight September 3, 2007
So You Want to Withdrawl from Iraq? Insight August 14, 2007
The Spitzer Scandal Insight August 13, 2007
Orwellian Logic at the U.N. The Washington Times August 1, 2007
A Republic Versus A Liberal State Insight July 31, 2007
The Limits of Economics Insight July 24, 2007
Presidents and Drug Use National Review Online July 11, 2007
Democracy's Romantic Alternative Insight July 2, 2007
The American Courts as Allies of the Terrorists Insight July 2007
Time to Clear the Air of Panic The New York Post June 26, 2007
A New Prague Spring The American Spectator June 15, 2007
Radical Discourse at Columbia Insight June 3, 2007
Bill Sets Precedent for National Balkanization Insight May 22, 2007
The Good Life? TownHall.com May 17, 2007
Chinese Menu of Education The New York Sun April 24, 2007
Making the World More Dangerous Insight April 4, 2007
The Future of Japan The New York Sun March 21, 2007
Theory vs. Reality The New York Sun March 15, 2007
Multicultural Challenge Down Under The Baltimore Sun February 22, 2007
The Great Divide and the Bush Doctrine February 20, 2007
Australia's Multicultural Challenge February 12, 2007
Conyers and House Corruption Insight February 1, 2007
Iran and The Pressing Need for Action Muslim World Today January 16, 2007
Let One New Flower Bloom: The UDN (United Democratic Nations) Insight January 1, 2007
Perception and Reality December 26, 2006
An Economic Forecast for 2007 Insight December 19, 2006
The Coming Crisis in American Citizenship The Washington Examiner December 1, 2006
Reviving New York The New York Sun November 29, 2006
It May Be Too Late for Europe November 21, 2006
The Meaning of the 2006 Election Insight November 17, 2006
Fixing the National Intelligence Network Insight October 30, 2006
In Defense of Liberty The Washington Times October 20, 2006
How We Lose The Washington Times October 16, 2006
Why the U.S. is Silent October 11, 2006
Intimidation and Preemptive Surrender in the West October 2, 2006
The Emerging World Conflict Insight August 21, 2006
The New, Politically Correct The DC Examiner July 3, 2006
Delusion v. Reality Insight June 30, 2006
Inspiring Europe Insight June 13, 2006
The Transatlantic Alliance and Nuclear Stability June 6, 2006
Restating the Obvious about Islam St. Croix Review April 3, 2006
What Is Missing in the Immigration Debate The Herald Examiner March 27, 2006
Lawsuits and Security March 21, 2006
The Final Solution The Washington Times March 14, 2006
Israel's Options March 8, 2006
Iran's Nuclear Weapon and What To Do About It The New York Sun February 27, 2006
Cartoons & Civilization February 21, 2006
The Logic of Illogic: Redefining Israel St. Croix Review February 14, 2006
Tony Blair and The E.U. February 6, 2006
Hamas and The Palestinian Election January 31, 2006
Malarial Ideology St. Croix Review January 25, 2006
Ratings for Performing Arts? The Washington Times November 27, 2005
Whose Mainstream Is It? The Washington Times October 7, 2005
The Reemergence of Bloodlines in America September 12, 2005
Jews Must Fight Anti-Semitism Now December 22, 2004
When Did Dumb Become Chic? The Washington Times November 26, 2004
Enough Already November 10, 2004
Al Qaeda's Middle East Linkage The Washington Times October 17, 2004
Third Time Is a Charm October 12, 2004
Advice for the President October 1, 2004
Why Does the World Hate Israel? July 21, 2004
A Growing Culture War July 7, 2004
Hollings' Comments a Pandora's Box June 25, 2004
My Encounters with President Ronald Reagan June 9, 2004
Colleges That Don’t Require Core Subjects April 27, 2004
Lenin, News Accounts, and Anti Bush Sentiment April 13, 2004
Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberest American Outlook Spring 2004
A Letter to the President About Jobs Mrytle Beach Sun News March 30, 2004
Fear and Intimidation in Spain March 23, 2004
Kerry as President March 4, 2004
Money, Old and New Townhall.com February 25, 2004
The Half-Topless Halftime Show February 6, 2004
Democrats and "the Vision Thing" February 4, 2004
Reading the Market Tea Leaves In 2004 January 23, 2004
What’s Not Well at Wells January 14, 2004
The Ghost in Israel St. Croix Review December 22, 2003
The Family and the Nation St. Croix Review December 15, 2003
The Origins and Dangers of Anti-Americanism December 15, 2003
The Homework Conundrum The Atlanta Journal December 9, 2003
Education Through the Looking Glass December 2, 2003
The Nexus of Culture and Foreign Policy Townhall.com November 25, 2003
Bias and Media Commentary Townhall.com November 18, 2003
Europe's Big Lie Las Vegas Review November 11, 2003
Intellectual Diversity on Campus Townhall.com November 5, 2003
The Wizard of Oz in Albany St. Croix Review October 30, 2003
Ghosts in the Outfield October 21, 2003
Looking for America in Chicago TownHall.com October 14, 2003
Money for Oil Discounts The Washington Times October 14, 2003
The Chinese Vacuum Cleaner October 8, 2003
The Gloomy Manufacturing Jobs Report Indy Star October 2, 2003
Japan's Missle Defense September 23, 2003
War, Cultural Weakness, and Conservatives September 17, 2003
Grading on a Curve September 9, 2003
Fighting the War on Terrorism September 2, 2003
Sex in the Dorm Room August 26, 2003
America’s Cultural Revolution August 26, 2003
Back to Basics August 26, 2003
Shedding Some Light on the Blackout The Washington Times August 26, 2003
The Yellowcake Gaffe Revisited August 22, 2003
The Triumph of Leviathan August 19, 2003
Degrading Higher Education St. Croix Review August 12, 2003
London’s Traffic Tax The Providence Journal August 5, 2003
Where Do I Live? Townhall.com July 29, 2003
The First Step on the Road to Freedom in China The Washington Times July 17, 2003
Teaching Hate in Saudi Arabia July 15, 2003
The Herman I Remember July 7, 2003
Good Fences July 1, 2003
The Professional Anti-Americans Trumpet America June 25, 2003
Asymmetry in the Middle East St. Croix Review June 17, 2003
Evaluating the Rise in the Euro St. Croix Review June 3, 2003
Picasso-Matisse v. Manet-Velasquez St. Croix Review May 28, 2003
SARS - The Campus Disease May 21, 2003
A Curriculum That Meets the Needs of Students? May 13, 2003
The Failure of New York City Schools May 7, 2003
Global Oil Reserves and American Options American Spectator April 29, 2003
The Mind of the Anti-War Demonstrator St. Croix Review April 22, 2003
Divided Nation The Times Leader April 9, 2003
History Returns with a Vengeance The Monitor April 2, 2003
Fighting the War in the Press News Herald March 27, 2003
In Search of an American Foreign Policy Tech Central Station March 18, 2003
Spain’s Immigration Schizophrenia March 14, 2003
School Choice and Cultural Decline Milwaukee Journal March 6, 2003
The Imperium of Liberty St. Croix Review February 25, 2003
Breeding Sedition in American Prisons Tech Central Station February 20, 2003
Lessons of the LeBron James Story St. Croix Review February 12, 2003
America Must Face the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century St. Croix Review February 4, 2003
Russian Depopulation Is a Lesson for the West St. Croix Review January 28, 2003
Balint Vazsonyi: A True American January 24, 2003
President Bush and the University of Michigan Case Milwaukee Journal January 22, 2003
Gangs of New York Gets It Half Right National Review Online January 16, 2003
A Disheartening Survey of Ethics in the Academy January 14, 2003
Academic Terrorists at Brooklyn College January 7, 2003
Violence in Postgame College Sports Houston Chronicle January 2, 2003
Art and Irresponsibility Human Events December 28, 2002
Nothing More Than Feelings St. Croix Review December 17, 2002
Will Germany Catch the Japanese Disease? St. Croix Review December 11, 2002
A Postmodernist Claims We’re All “Unstable Vets” St. Croix Review December 3, 2002
Buck Rogers Goes to War November 26, 2002
The Euro’s Coming Demise South Bend Tribune November 20, 2002
Naked News November 14, 2002
The Perils of Bilingualism November 8, 2002
Indonesia Is a Model Ally in the War on Terrorism St. Croix Review October 24, 2002
Riding the Next Wave American Outlook October 17, 2002
The Happiness Syndrome Tallahassee Sunday Democrat October 8, 2002
NEA's Political Pull Remains Strong St. Croix Review October 5, 2002
TR Can Still Speak to America St. Paul Pioneer Press September 25, 2002
September 11: One Year Later American Outlook September 18, 2002
The Extortion Racket in Europe September 12, 2002
When Exhibitionism Afflicts Little League Play Toronto Star September 5, 2002
European Implosion August 30, 2002
Liberalizing the Japanese Education System August 26, 2002
Eco Pessimism and the Environment The Pantagraph August 21, 2002
Legal Representation for the Victims of 9/11 St. Croix Review August 14, 2002
Rewarding Illegality August 9, 2002
Setting Sun or Sun Rising? American Outlook August 1, 2002
Whatever Happened To Taboos? St. Croix Review July 29, 2002
Iron Lady American Outlook July 2, 2002
Guns and Feelings St. Croix Review June 21, 2002
Experimenting with Young Minds June 11, 2002
Truth and the Israeli Position St. Croix Review May 7, 2002
Japan’s Economic Future St. Croix Review April 8, 2002
The Dangers of Hubris American Outlook April 7, 2002
Why Big Time College Basketball Players Don’t Graduate St. Croix Review March 25, 2002
Enron: The Catalyst for Fixing the System Houston Chronicle March 7, 2002
When Islam Is Required In California Schools The Duluth News-Tribune February 19, 2002
What Miami’s Victory In The Rose Bowl Really Means February 14, 2002
A Survey On The Ivy League’s Tenured Left Columbia Tribune February 5, 2002
Cornel West and Afro-American Studies v. Larry Summers and Harvard January 22, 2002
Hubris As The Enemy of Success The Charlotte Observer January 14, 2002
The Democratic Spending Spree In This Time of War January 7, 2002
No Child Left Behind May Mean They Are All Behind American Outlook Winter 2002
A Tale of Two Tinseltowns American Outlook Winter 2002
“Historical Truth And ‘Black Hawk Down’” The Wichita Eagle December 18, 2001
Is There A Campaign To Stifle Speech On Campus? St. Croix Review December 17, 2001
Civil Rights In The New Age St. Croix Review December 10, 2001
Drug Patents And The Future St. Croix Review December 3, 2001
Postmodern Outlook Objectively Smashed The Washington Times November 5, 2001
Saudis Shun U.S. Request The Sunday Gazette Mail November 4, 2001
Civilization vs. the unyielding face of evil The Calgary Herald October 8, 2001
Startled Giant American Outlook Fall 2001
Hard Lessons American Outlook Fall 2001
Immigration, Amnesty and the Nation's Future Bridge News September 19, 2001
What We Should Remember About September 11 American Outlook September 13, 2001
The Genoa Protesters and Their Real Target Bridge News September 9, 2001
Sicily, Where Traffic Lights Are Decoration Bridge News August 22, 2001
Restraining the state by repairing society The Indianapolis Star August 19, 2001
The Emerging Italian Boorishness Bridge News August 15, 2001
Etna's Fiery Spectacle And Mankind's Durability Bridge News August 8, 2001
President Bush's European Beachhead Bridge News August 1, 2001
Giving Teens a Reprieve from Dangerous Schools Bridge News July 25, 2001
Behind the Home Run Phenomenon Bridge News July 18, 2001
Telling the Whole 1960's Story Bridge News July 11, 2001
Where European-Style Capitalism Falls Short Bridge News July 3, 2001
Nation that marks holiday is different than one of Founding Fathers South Bend Tribune July 1, 2001
Reinventing Civil Society American Outlook July-August 2001
The Blair Project ... Emotional Literacy In Britain Bridge News June 21, 2001
Fighting TV Sewage Takes More Than Holding Your Nose Bridge News June 13, 2001
An Administration Trying To Reinvent Civil Society Bridge News June 6, 2001
Like It Or Not, Two Parents Are Better Than One Bridge News June 6, 2001
Insidious Technos American Outlook January-February 2001
How The U.S. Can Turn The U.N. Snub To Its Advantage Bridge News May 23, 2001
Parental Choice In Education Isn't Always The Answer Bridge News May 2, 2001
Baltic Nations in Decline American Outlook May-June 2001
Words Imperfect American Outlook May-June 2001
Rap Music and the Fall of Western Civilization Bridge News April 26, 2001
Bush's First Foreign Policy Test Bridge News April 18, 2001
The Critics Of Capitalism Bridge News April 11, 2001
Entering A Bohemian Time Machine In Christiania Bridge News April 5, 2001
Origins Of Activist History The Bergen County Record March 26, 2001
Adjusting Family Policy In The West Bridge News March 15, 2001
Increased Trade No Cure-All For China-Taiwan Tensions Bridge News March 8, 2001
Challenge for Bush Foreign Policy American Outlook March-April 2001
Wealth and Nations American Outlook February 1, 2001
From Europe, Skewed Impressions of the U.S. Election Bridge News December 6, 2000
The No-Win Election Bridge News November 15, 2000
The Decline of American Universities American Outlook November-December 2000
Confronting Hollywood with shame The Washington Times October 20, 2000
Terror Is a Bargaining Tool in Israel Bridge News October 12, 2000
The Hidden Parallels Between Bobby Knight, Wen Ho Bridge News September 27, 2000
Berlin, the City of Ironies Bridge News September 13, 2000
America’s New Politics American Outlook Summer 2000
America’s Cultural Quagmire American Outlook Summer 2000
The Enemy Within American Outlook Spring 2000
Beyond the Year 2000 American Outlook Winter 2000
Searching for the Perfect Egg American Outlook Winter 2000
The American Dilemma: Personal Autonomy & the Common Good American Outlook Summer 1999
Piercing the Gloom and Doom American Outlook Spring 1999
Human Perfectibility - America’s New Religion American Outlook Spring 1999
Psychological Man Vs. Ethical Man February 23, 1999
Lessons From The Nineties That Are Wrongheaded, Pernicious Or Both February 16, 1999
Truth Is The Casualty of Ideological Conviction February 1, 1999
Defense and Indefensibility American Outlook Winter 1999
Poor Sports American Outlook Winter 1999
When Journalistic Satire Meets Journalistic Practice St. Croix Review January 27, 1999
The Latest on Global Warming and the Administration's Devotion to the Status Quo Journal of Commerce January 20, 1999
Something For Nothing January 20, 1999
Contemporary Utilitarianism January 11, 1999
The Press, Impeachment, Opinion Polls And the Demands of A Republic January 4, 1999
Zimbabwe At The Brink As The West Looks Away St. Croix Review December 17, 1998
Public and Private Sin December 17, 1998
The Need to Retain Common Sense December 7, 1998
Finding An American Future From the Legacy of the Nation’s Past December 3, 1998
Environmentalism Collides with Trade Policy December 2, 1998
Racial Stereotyping versus Evidence of Success December 2, 1998
The American Dilemma: Personal Autonomy and The Common Good November 13, 1998
Assessing Midterm Elections of the 90s From a Republican Perspective November 6, 1998
The Third Way A Second Time November 2, 1998
Outrage, Infamy, and the Celebrity Cult American Outlook Fall 1998
Civil Society October 26, 1998
Can The European Union Develop Common Policies For the Continent? October 13, 1998
The Starr Report Brings Closure to the Sixties October 5, 1998
Endgames for the Clintons and the Effect on the Nation August 31, 1998
The Workforce, Education, and the Nation’s Future American Outlook Summer 1998
The Next Battles in the Culture War American Outlook Spring 1998
Will the Family Survive? St. Croix Review January 6, 1998
The Stated Goals of American Education January 5, 1998
Government Funding for Not Training Doctors The Freeman August 1, 1997
What Money Can't Buy The Freeman April 1, 1997
The Decline of Secondhand Bookstores The Freeman December 1, 1988

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Death of Liberalism
by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
NewsMax May 15, 2012
After The Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Recovery
by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.
Family Security Matters October 14, 2010
After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road To Recovery
by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Family Security Matters May 5, 2010
Why Are Jews Liberals?
by Norman Podhoretz
Family Security Matters October 8, 2009
Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism
by Jim DeMint
The Washington Times June 30, 2009
Fighting Words: A Tale of How Liberals Created Neo-Conservatism
by Ben Wattenberg
Jewish World Review February 12, 2009
Tributes: Personal Reflections on a Century of Social Research
by Irving Louis Horowitz
The New Criterion January 2004

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